Welcome to the website for the Coastlines and people Open data and MachinE learning sprinT. COMET is a series of 72hr events focused on data-driven Coastlines and People (CoPe) science.

Atleast three COMET events are planned (one virtual, two in-person), with funding for ~10-15 participants to attend each event (lodging, travel, per diem). Each participant will bring a research idea to pitch to the others - ideas should focus on using open data to do science related to Coastlines and People. After project pitches, participants will divide up into self-selected groups to work on ideas for 72 hrs.

Groups will give a final ‘report out’ after 72 hrs to present what they accomplished. All code written at the event will be made open source, put on GitHub, and given a DOI, and groups will also submit a report/working paper to EarthArXiv. We intend for these open deliverables to be the seeds of future research between participants and the wider CoPe Community.

Check out the Apply! page for the short application procedure and feel free to drop us a line.


Funding provided by the US National Science Foundation Award #1939954 and Award #1940006